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The Benefits of Acquiring Your Heavy Rigid Licence

If you're someone who is looking to make a career switch into a role that involves driving large trucks or buses, you might need a heavy rigid licence to get you ahead. A heavy rigid licence, also known as an HR licence, is a type of commercial driver's licence that allows you to operate vehicles that weigh more than a certain amount, including buses and semi-trailers

Three Careers That Require A HR Licence In Australia

If you are looking for a career in Australia, you may want to consider one of the many trade careers that require a heavy rigid (HR) licence. A heavy rigid licence is a specific type of driving license issued by accredited trade schools and approved driving schools. In order to obtain this licence, you must complete a heavy rigid course and pass both written and pract

Three Must-Know Facts About a Heavy Rigid (HR) Vehicle Driving Course

Many commercial drivers stagnate in their positions because they do not know the opportunities available to them on upgrading their licences. For instance, you can only operate vehicles with two axles if you currently hold a medium rigid (MR) truck licence. However, upgrading to a heavy-rigid (HR) licence lets you operate bigger vehicles, such as fuel tankers, articul

Upskilling to an HR Driving License? 4 Reasons Why You Should

If you've always been passionate about driving heavy trucks but have no clue where to start, enrolling in HR driving courses is an essential piece of the jigsaw. If you are looking forward to enriching your resume and honing your driving skills, you must take an HR driving course.  Attaining a valid HR license from a recognised trade school affords you the skills

Are You Ready to Take Your Truck Driving Career to the Top?

If you've been a professional driver for some time and have been delivering goods locally at the wheel of a heavy rigid truck, then you may be looking to up your game. You fancy a change of scenery and would like some more responsibility, and consequently, you are thinking about applying for a multi-combination license. This is quite a significant step up in many area