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Are You Ready to Take Your Truck Driving Career to the Top?

If you've been a professional driver for some time and have been delivering goods locally at the wheel of a heavy rigid truck, then you may be looking to up your game. You fancy a change of scenery and would like some more responsibility, and consequently, you are thinking about applying for a multi-combination license. This is quite a significant step up in many areas, so what do you need to think about before you go ahead?

Additional Skills Required

As you have been driving your heavy rigid vehicle for more than one year, you are indeed eligible to apply for the multi-combination license. Bear in mind, however, that this type of rig is essentially the largest commercial vehicle on the road, and it is typically composed of a tractor with at least two large trailers behind. Most people know this as a "road train" and it will require special skills and a great deal of attention, in order to control.

Stepping up

Some people advise that a driver should get used to handling a vehicle with a single trailer first, rather than stepping straight up from a heavy rigid. This will help them to get used to a much larger turning arc and will also help them to learn some new skills, should they need to reverse.

Performance Characteristics

The driver will also need to know how to configure their road train and how to hitch each individual trailer together safely. They will need to understand how the vehicle will perform during a tight manoeuvre, as these road trains spread out over a considerable distance. Bearing in mind just how difficult it is to reverse, a driver may only get one shot at manoeuvring around a particular obstacle, so they need maximum attention and an equal amount of confidence in order to be successful.

Safety Requirements

Safety is paramount and regulators take a very dim view of any situation where a rig is found to be non-compliant. Consequently, you will need to ensure that all the air brake hoses are properly connected, chains are in place and the myriad of lights on the rig are always in full working order.

Much to Consider

In short, there's a great deal more involved here, and while your experience driving a heavy rigid truck will be valuable, this is just the beginning. You will need to learn a lot of new skills and understand all the technical restrictions associated with a road train. You will then need to satisfy the licensing authority that you understand the theory and practice involved with this type of job.

Next Step

Make sure that you enrol yourself in a specialised MC course as the first step of your new journey.