How a Trade School Helped My Career

Upskilling to an HR Driving License? 4 Reasons Why You Should

If you've always been passionate about driving heavy trucks but have no clue where to start, enrolling in HR driving courses is an essential piece of the jigsaw. If you are looking forward to enriching your resume and honing your driving skills, you must take an HR driving course. 

Attaining a valid HR license from a recognised trade school affords you the skills to operate heavy vehicles with due diligence and professionalism. This post discusses some of the main benefits of having an HR driving license. Read on to learn.

You Get a Good Salary 

If you want to build your career as a professional truck driver, expect to earn a handsome salary. Australia has various trade schools that provide top-class driving courses where you can attain your heavy rigid license.

Usually, the amount of salary you can earn depends on the type of license you've acquired. However, you'll be glad to find out that even starters get paid well from shipping businesses that hire HR drivers. For specific jobs, it's always prudent to enlist for courses that suit your career.

Offers Flexible Working Schedules 

One of the main benefits of working as an HR driver is job flexibility — meaning you have the freedom to decide on your working hours. This allows you to attend to personal obligations, such as family meetings and other commitments. 

In simple terms, your life isn't controlled by your career. You can choose to go for day shifts or work overnight and spare some time during the day. 

You Get to Enjoy Natural Sceneries Countrywide

A 9 to 5 career where you're stuck in mundane office partitions and repeating the same routine can be quite boring. As an HR driver, however, you get to enjoy newer experiences and nature. Your work will mostly involve driving to different locations making deliveries or pick-ups throughout the country and beyond. You get the opportunity to make stopovers and relish natural sceneries without any criticism from your bosses. 

Job Security Assurance

Today, there is a high demand for professional HR drivers across Australia as the industry grows. The transport and shipping industry is in dire need of skilled truck drivers to achieve smooth business operations.  

That makes it a suitable niche for individuals who value their job security. Working intrastate or interstate offers you the chance to move around as you please. With an HR license in possession, you also get an opportunity to decide where you want to work. 


There are many benefits of attaining an HR driving license in Australia. Consider enrolling in a reputable trade school that's affordable and easily accessible to achieve your heavy rigid driving license. Look for an HR driving course in your area to get started.