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Three Must-Know Facts About a Heavy Rigid (HR) Vehicle Driving Course

Many commercial drivers stagnate in their positions because they do not know the opportunities available to them on upgrading their licences. For instance, you can only operate vehicles with two axles if you currently hold a medium rigid (MR) truck licence. However, upgrading to a heavy-rigid (HR) licence lets you operate bigger vehicles, such as fuel tankers, articulated buses, heavy construction trucks and long-distance haulage trucks. However, you must first complete and pass an HR driving course to be issued with an HR licence. This article highlights critical facts about HR driving courses that most applicants and drivers do not know.

Can Take One Day — Most applicants are familiar with the structured HR driving programs that most trade schools offer. The structured program gives drivers enough time to understand the rigours of operating a heavy rigid vehicle. However, most drivers are often left in awe when they find out that they can complete their HR driving course and get a licence in one day. Well, it is true since the quality of training is the same as that of a structured course. However, before enrolling, you must be ready to handle the intense training undertaken in a one day HR (Heavy Rigid) Licence Course. The course has become a popular choice in driving schools because most haulage companies today use trucks with automatic transmission. Upon completing the one-day course, the licence allows you to operate vehicles with synchromesh or automated transmission systems.

Choose from Two Categories of Licences — When enrolling for an HR driving course, you can choose two categories of licences. Unrestricted or Open HR licence is the first specialisation, and it means that you can only operate vehicles with a non-synchromesh gearbox. Restricted or Condition B licence is the other class, and it covers vehicles with synchromesh or an automatic gearbox. Understanding the two categories is vital since you can establish which licence is best for you, depending on the HR truck or bus you intend to operate. Fortunately, trade schools ask applicants the licence category they prefer during enrollment.

Tests Conducted at the Department of Transport (DoT) — A common misconception is that HR driving courses and tests are conducted in trade schools. However, it is not the case since HR driving courses are usually carried out at a trade school and the driving test at the department of transport testing (DoT) centre. Even if you enrol for a marathon one-day HR driving course, you still have to take the test at the DoT testing centre. Fortunately, a trainer will accompany you to the testing centre early enough for a warm-up and re-familiarisation session before a testing officer arrives. Taking tests at the DoT makes facilitation and issuance of an HR driving licence easy.