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3 Things You Should Never Do in a Forklift Truck

Driving a forklift truck is a skilled job. It should only ever be performed by someone who has completed forklift licence training. However, even people who have had the best training in the world can forget what they are doing or be tempted to try a silly stunt. If you operate a forklift truck in an industrial environment, below is a list of three things you should never ever do. If you do attempt any of these actions, you will probably end up dead or fired. You have been warned.

Driving a forklift that is in need of repair

If your forklift has developed a fault, you should stop using it immediately and call in a repair contractor. Even if you have a large shipment of raw material to be urgently unloaded, you should not attempt to drive a faulty machine. Doing so will place your life and the stuff you are transporting at risk. You should not give in to any pressure from management, as health and safety legislation will protect you from any action they threaten you with.

Towing a heavy object with your forklift

Forklift trucks are designed to lift and carry loads on their forks. They are not designed to pull or tow heavy loads. If you need to move a heavy object, you may be tempted to place straps around it so you can attempt to pull it using the forklift truck. Do not do this. If you do so, it is highly likely you will damage the engine and the chassis of the machine. 

Taking part in the forklift truck wacky races

If work is slow and you are waiting hours for the next consignment of material to be delivered to your industrial unit, you may start looking for a way to pass the time. In the past, some workers have been tempted to pass the time by taking part in their own forklift truck wacky races. This involves several workers driving their forklift trucks around a circuit in an industrial version of Mario Kart. This can be very dangerous. Forklift trucks are only designed to be operated at low speed and in a controlled way. Racing can place your life and the lives of your colleagues at risk.

If you would like to brush up on your forklift driving skills, you should contact a professional trade school who will be able to offer you a range of driving courses.